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Not JUST Yoga

Welcome, I am Anke.

Practice with me.


AMAN New York 

Private Club

Mondays 10am Yoga

Saturdays 10am Mat Pilates

Privates on request

Equinox Highline

Saturdays 12pm Power Yoga

Sundays 5pm Vinyasa

Equinox West 92nd

Mondays 6:45pm Vinyasa

The practice of MyFlow derived from the strengthening facets of yoga, pilates and barre style training. Let's get on the mat and play.


Making your practice fun

MyFlow YOGA is a carefully choreographed Vinyasa style,

a dance on the mat to brighten your mind and lengthen your body. 

MyFlow CORE incorporates higher intensity yet low-impact strengthening and toning content, energetically weaved into a yoga routine made to raise your heart rate and create lean muscle tone. Don't stop moving.

MyFlow GENTLE offers all the goodness of a smooth yoga practice, tailored for beginners as well as for advanced yogis.


About Me

Gymnastics, acrobatics and dance

have shaped me since my childhood in Germany. They eventually put me on my path towards the practice of yoga and  the constant search for a deeper and more refined core training. 

I have taught at several yoga studios and gyms throughout New York City since 2004. I am also trained in Barre and Mat Pilates, having gathered immense knowledge that led me to create MyFlow CORE.

I love and appreciate every private and corporate client with whom I have been able to humbly share my vision.

I believe in daily exercise using your own body weight. This interwoven with the benefits of yoga will lead to leaner muscle tone and a healthier body.


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Just to say Hi and stay connected.

If you are interested in private or corporate online sessions please indicate in your message. Let's FLOW together.

Thanks for joining the MyFlow team.

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It’s Fun to Get Fit

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Mondays 5:00-5:45pm

MyFlow Yoga

Instagram LIVE
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Venmo @anke-meserve

Wednesdays 5:00-5:45pm

MyFlow Gentle

Instagram LIVE
Kindly consider a donation
Venmo @anke-meserve

If you want to feel good tune into one of Anke'syoga classes - contagious, positive energy combined with a vigorous, aesthetic flow! It always makes my day! ❤️


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